Summer Programs

In July and August each year, Stoney Creek Montessori School offers a Summer Program centred around self-discovery and complemented with enrichment classes in French, Math, Music, and Art. This full-time program is available to children in our local community who are 3 to 7 years of age and off public school, and available to all our existing students regardless of age.

Please email to register your interest. The fee schedule can be viewed online.

Children get an opportunity to

  • learn hands-on Mathematics and Language to develop their existing skill level and understanding.
  • Develop their understanding of musical notes, rhythms, and their repertoire of songs with our talented music teacher and resident vocalist and pianist.
  • experience artistic traditions from around the world with art teachers

There will be regular outdoor play and the opportunity to nap, should children require the rest.

Your child will require the following:

  • A water bottle (to be taken home and sanitized daily)
  • A small pillow and blanket for nap (if applicable)
  • Sunscreen (and sunscreen permission forms)
  • Clothing for water play. Friday is water day each week, except for during water week.
  • Complete change of clothes.
  • Large brimmed hat.
  • Closed toed indoor and outdoor shoes.
  • Small swim towel.

SCMS Summer Program – July and August each year

Week # Theme Details Notes
1 Mad Science A week of science experiments including sink or float, melting, volcanoes, colour mixing, density mixing, etc. Children are welcome to dress up as scientists, particularly on Dress-Up-Wednesday.
2 It’s a Small World Learn about different cultures around the world including their flags, foods, and dances. Children will engage in a multicultural lunch on Wednesday. Parents are welcome to contribute. Please see the office for a list of allergies on site.
3 Art Explosion Design your own Picasso portrait and create pottery, collages, and more!
4 Down on the Farm Plant your own seeds. Discover the parts of a flower and plant. Explore farm animals. And join us on a trip to a local farm!
5 All Aboard! Get ready for an adventure on the tracks, water, and in the air. Be a train conductor, a pilot, or a ship’s captain! Children are welcome to dress up as a conductor/pilot/captain on Dress-Up-Wednesday.
6 Under the Sea Explore the deep blue sea through wave bottles, seashells, sand, and sea animals. Children are encouraged to come in water-friendly clothing on Dress-Up-Wednesday.
7 Acting Out Become your favourite character! A week of drama, music, and accents. Children are welcome to come in costume on Dress-Up-Wednesday! Our summer concert will be held on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm-4:00 pm.


Sports and Fitness

Community Helpers

Participate in your favourite sporting activity like gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and more!

Learn all about doctors, plumbers, mail-carriers, teachers, and more!

Children are welcome to wear the jerseys of their favourite sports team on Dress-Up-Wednesday.

Children are welcome to wear the clothing of their favourite community helper on Dress-Up-Wednesday.

The School is closed for a few days at the end of August for Fall preparations. You can see the entire school calendar on this page.