Waiting List

To place your child on the waiting list, please click here to complete a form (opens in a new window).

If you have any questions about our waiting list, please email the school on info@stoneycreekmontessori.com (we are unable to answer waiting list inquiries over the phone). We aim to respond to emails within 24-48 hours.

Stoney Creek Montessori hopes to welcome every applicant to our school. However, due to the following reasons, this may not be possible:

  • Limited space. Each registered child requires a certain amount of space in the classroom and playground.
  • Teacher-Child ratio. Each student requires ample attention and supervision. As such, classroom sizes are small.
  • Student ages. Students currently registered move up to older classrooms based on their age. As such, sometimes there is a delay until children mature and the classroom has space.
  • Student abilities and needs differ. We must have the capacity (teachers, resources, accessibility fixtures) to fulfil the needs of every child we register.
  • Gender and age mix: We strive to maintain a gender balance and a mix of ages in each classroom. In the event that there is a gender or age imbalance, children on the waiting list will be prioritized in order to correct this imbalance.

There is no fee associated with placing your child on the waiting list. You can email the school at any time to find out where your child is on this waiting list.

While a child is typically placed on the waiting list based on the date and time of application, several elements may affect the order of this waiting list, including:

  • Children who are siblings of current registrants
  • Children of employees of Stoney Creek Montessori
  • Children of parents who prefer the Montessori philosophy and would be limited in their options for childcare based on this preference.
  • Children from under-represented backgrounds

Information provided when you register to our waiting list remains private and confidential to Stoney Creek Montessori School and will not be shared with any other agencies with the exception of those who have rights to this information by law.

By registering your interest on our waitlist, you consent to electronic or phone communication from the school regarding enrolment and available spots. To unsubscribe from this list, kindly respond to our email with “unsubscribe” as your subject line.